Wiltshire Wildlife Hospital

Today I spent the morning volunteering at my local Wildlife Hospital!

The Wiltshire Wildlife Hospital rescues, cares, rehabilitates and release wild animals 24 hours a day!

Today I spent the morning with another volunteer, cleaning out and feeding all of the hedgehogs!

A lot of the hedgehogs that are in at the moment, are this years babies! Some have been injured by strimmers, found on the side of the road or abandoned by their mothers!

All of the hedgehogs have to be fed (cat food) and cleaned out every day! There are 3 very cheeky juveniles that were hand reared!

At the centre, there are also lots of different animals! From swifts, sparrows and pigeons, to stoats, foxes and badgers!

The wildlife hospitals nationwide have such an important role in the preservation of the UK’s wildlife!

I would strongly recommend getting in touch with your local wildlife hospital and see if there is anything you can do to help! Even if it is just donating much needed newspapers for bedding, cat food or old towels!

White Dove
Mummy and baby hedgehog

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