About me

My name is Izzy Fry; I am a 15 year old naturalist and amateur photographer based in Wiltshire.

I first found my love of nature, wildlife and photography after an amazing trip to Skomer Island to see the puffins. Ever since then my passion has blossomed!

I am a trainee bird ringer, contributing to the ringing scheme held by the BTO. For the last few months, I have been getting up early on my weekends to go out ringing at various nature reserves as well as in my own garden and on my family’s farm! I am aiming to become a certified ringer on the next couple of years!

As well as photography, I am very interested in journalism. I have written articles and features for various places including my local wildlife trust, A focus on nature, the RSPB, Butterfly Conservation and Plantlife.

Before lockdown I had been going into the Plantlife offices to work closely with the editor on the magazine! What started out as my DofE volunteering, the Plantlife Magazine has turned into one of my favourite things to work on and I am so excited to be writing some of my own features that will be published in the upcoming issues!

I am also a RSPB pin badge volunteer, placing boxes around my local area and fundraising! Every week I also volunteer at my local wildlife hospital, helping to clean out the hedgehogs, birds and any other wildlife we get in!

Over the past month, I have been working closely with my good friend Inés to create Young Nature Watch, a group aimed at teenagers which is a branch off our local Natural History Society. Over lockdown, many people have found an interest in nature, and so we wanted to get young nature enthusiasts together and plan some exciting events from photography workshops to harvest mice surveys!

Now that I’m back at school, it’s harder to find the time to get outdoors, but I am spending all of my weekends out at YNW events, bird ringing, checking my pin badge boxes and photographing nature! Even when I’m walking to school, I see a robin singing it’s heart out everyday, cygnets swimming alongside each other in the river and ants crossing the path! Nature doesn’t stop.

In the future, I hope to study wildlife conservation and zoology at uni and have a career in something to do with protecting wildlife!

My aim is to encourage a love for nature in others and help protect and conserve the beautiful nature around us!