Working with the birds at the wildlife hospital

Had a great afternoon at my local wildlife hospital – today I was in charge of feeding and cleaning out the birds!

First job: feed all of the babies!

We feed them waxworms – to closely replicate what they would be fed in the wild! Most of these juveniles have come in after they fell out of the nest or their nest was disturbed.

This guy has to be my favourite! He was such a little squawker but so cute!!

Herring Gull chick

Second job: clean out and feed the doves and pigeons

Collared dove

You wouldn’t believe how many pigeons and doves wildlife hospitals get – the numbers are ridiculous!

Last job: seagulls!

I hadn’t done gulls before so these were fun! Although they are quite feisty – one pecked me on the lip and I can’t tell you how much it hurt!!

These two enjoyed some fresh water to clean themselves with! And thankfully I had a mask on, because oh my gosh the smell!

Volunteering at wildlife hospitals/ rescues is such a great way to get hands on experience! And it’s also amazing knowing you are helping these birds and animals on their journey back to the wild!

One thought on “Working with the birds at the wildlife hospital

  1. Well done Izzy – I love your photographs ! Keep up the good work with all your wildlife projects. It is so encouraging to know that a young person like yourself is doing such good work and caring for wildlife in such a constructive way. One hears so much about young people just wasting their lives by just hanging about on street corners etc that it is so heartwarming to know that some of you are very different and are intent on saving our treasured nature.


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