Nest finding 🌱🥚

What signifies spring for me is when my brothers find the first nest of the year!!

Yesterday evening with in the space of half an hour he found two Blackbird nests and three pigeon nests!

My brother is only 9 years old and finds so many nests it’s quite unbelievable, last year he found over 30 and we managed to ring lots of the pulli (chicks in the nest) providing valuable data on many species.

So I thought I would take you back to some of our favourites!

Song thrush
Long tailed tit
House sparrow
Coal tit

Just a quick note that all of these nests were found safely and all chicks were ringed quickly with minimal disturbance.

2 thoughts on “Nest finding 🌱🥚

  1. Wonderful, Izzy, a much needed lift for the spirits. Takes me back to my childhood in Chilmark, ‘birdsnesting’ with my Aunt Diana.


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