Game and wildlife conservation trust

I’ve just completed the Big Farmland Bird Count that is organised by the Game and Wildlife conservation trust! In total I recorded 14 species along one hedgerow, in the half hour, with the highlight being a stunning male Yellowhammer!

And it really got me thinking how important it is to farm alongside wildlife. Every single photo in this post, is of birds that were ringed on my family’s farm – the variety is huge!

Over 70% of the UK’s land is farmed in some way – so how this land is managed has a big impact on wildlife. Agriculture policy therefore shapes our countryside.

The recovery of wildlife in the UK depends on a farming policy which enables farmers to create and restore a thriving natural environment alongside the important domestic food production!

We need to stop importing so much food from abroad, and to do this we need to make more of our own and I whole heartedly agree with this. But I think it is so important to do this with wildlife and nature in mind and still leave some space for them too!

If we are going to get anywhere with wildlife conservation, we have to farm in a way that supports it. And a lot of farmers are open to do this, they just don’t know how, and something I will definitely look at in my future career is how to work with farms to do this!

The Game and Wildlife conservation trust is a fantastic trust that is working to do just this. To help and support farmers to farm in a wildlife friendly way by doing things such as leaving rough margins on the outside of fields, growing wildflower patches and putting down wild bird seed mixes!

So I want to support the trust by fundraising for them! If you can please do donate to this amazing cause!

Find the fundraiser on my Instagram (@izzyfryphotography) or on my Facebook (Photography by Izzy Fry!)

2 thoughts on “Game and wildlife conservation trust

  1. That loos suspiciously like a swallow. In February? Overwintered here? I’ve been told of one in Falmouth, ditto? But any chance you could caption the photos, a lot I recognise of course, but one or two are a puzzle. But brilliant, keep up the good work!


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