Fungi hunting 🍄📷

This afternoon my younger brothers and I went up to our local ancient woodland on a fungi hunt!

Gumtree deceiver

We found loads of different types, colours, shapes and sizes of fungi and mushrooms, including some weird and wonderful species!

Amethyst deceiver

The amethyst deceiver (Laccaria amethystina) is a breathtaking mushroom that pops up from coniferous forest floors. The caps are a striking violet color in youth and are generally flat with a small indentation when the stem connects!

Yellow stagshorn

The yellow stagshorn is a brightly colored mushroom 🔥 similar to so-called coral mushrooms, but it differs from this group with its greasy texture.

It’s considered inedible due to its poor taste and gelatinous structure. Besides, it’s too small to make a decent meal!

Rosy russula

We also got just a bit muddy trying to cross a boggy pond to get to an island with loads of fungi on it 🤦‍♀️

I was so excited to see how interested the boys were in the different species and how much fun they had spotting them! Getting children out for a fungi hunt definitely engages them and is a perfect idea to inspire a love for nature in more young people! 💚

Bonnet mushrooms

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