Photos of February

This month I have loved getting outdoors during my lunch breaks! Whether that’s going for a walk to find the stonechats and lapwings or heading out into the hide watching woodland birds!

Here are some of my top photos from February!

Swans at Dinton Park: During one of my lunch breaks, I visited the swans at Dinton Pond! I managed to get really close and get some nice close ups of their faces!

Stonechats: During this lockdown, I have found a couple of pairs of stonechats on my local patch! I have been going out quite a lot snapping shots of them so they are quite used to me getting close now! I haven’t managed to get any photos of the male yet, so that is my next target!

Woodland hide: one of my favourite places to go is my hide! Hearing all of the birds flitting around and singing is so relaxing! I have loved photographing the birds in a woodland setting and seeing lots of new species visiting! I haven’t managed to get any reflection pool shots yet, as the weather has not been great, so that is my next goal!

Blue tit

Garden squirrels: lots of grey squirrels visit my garden and I love capturing shots of them nibbling peanuts and seeds!

Winter twigs: after the Young Nature Watch winter twig ID session, I have become addicted to finding new winter twigs and buds! Using my macro lens I have photographed them close up!

Sparrowhawk in the garden: I was extremely excited when I spotted this stunning male sparrowhawk on my garden fence! I immediately ran up to my room, quietly opened the window and snapped these shots!

To see more of my photos head over to my Instagram – @izzyfryphotography

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