RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch

This weekend is the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch! So I thought I would share some of the UK’s most common garden birds!

1. BLUE TIT – Blue tits are one of our most familiar garden birds, reported from 94% of gardens according to the BTO! They are attracted to most kinds of bird food but especially peanuts!

2. BLACKBIRD – another one of our most common birds, blackbirds were originally a woodland bird, but have shifted into urban and suburban habitats. They are ground feeders and love a big juicy worm!

3. GOLDFINCH – goldfinches are a common sight in many gardens and visit in large flocks! They can be found in gardens throughout the years but are least likely to be seen in late summer/autumn when there is lots of their natural food in the wider countryside. They favour nyger seed and sunflower hearts!

4. LONG-TAILED TIT – these little balls of fluff often visit feeders in groups of 5-8. Their numbers increase in winter when there is a decrease in their natural food, invertebrates; and they are especially attracted to suet products!

5. HOUSE SPARROW – house sparrows are actually a red listed bird, even though they are a familiar sight in many gardens! There are many factors that are thought to have affected the population including agricultural intensification and loss of feeding spaces in urban habitats.

6. ROBIN – the robin is a firm favourite with garden birdwatchers and is Britain’s favourite bird! They are instantly recognisable to the wider public and can be very friendly – even feeding out of your hand!

7. NUTHATCH – this striking bird is a regular visitor to gardens located within its breeding range and close to woodland. You can often hear them before you see them with their oi oi oi call!

8. STARLING – loved by many but hated by some, the starling is a bird that can often split opinion! They can be very loud and empty a feeder in minutes! They are a stunning bird with their iridescent plumage and their twisting and turning winter pre-roost flocks are breathtaking!

So get out this weekend and see what you can spot! Click on the link below to sign up and download your spotting sheet!

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