Top 2020 photos!

2020 is nearing the end, so I thought would share some of my favourite photos I have taken this year! 📸

SWALLOW – after getting lost in the Devonshire countryside, @leahpinkphotography and I came across a flock of swallows feeding in a field! We sat watching them fly onto the fence just two metres in front of us for ages! I would have to say this was probably my favourite wildlife encounter this year!

ADONIS BLUE BUTTERFLY – I got right down to the same level as this butterfly, lying down on the floor! It was well worth it to get this photo as the result! 🦋

HARBOUR SEAL – @leahpinkphotography and I went on a lovely boat trip to see the seals at Whitstable Harbour! We managed to get quite close to them and I was really happy with this shot! 🦭

KINGFISHER – after sitting in a hide for about 2 hours, this beautiful kingfisher flew onto the perch just in front of me! It then shot through the water, caught a minnow and flew off!

OTTER – this stunning otter was swimming back and forth right in front of me at @wildwoodtrustuk and posed perfectly for me to snap this shot! 🦦

PIED WAGTAIL – whilst walking around my farm, I spotted this beauty wagging its tail up and down! I crept really close to it and it posed perfectly for me!

GREY SQUIRREL – just a few minutes after I finished putting my pop up hide in my garden, one of my many squirrel visitors walked right in front of me! It was perfectly happy with me photographing it whilst it was munching up the fallen bird food!

ROBIN – I would have to say that robins are my favourite bird. Their plumage is absolutely striking and they are so lovely to photograph! This little one was walking along my garden fence and I very much enjoyed taking its photo!

HONEYBEES – during lockdown, my family bought a hive and a swarm of honeybees! I have loved learning how to bee keep and photographing the bees in the hive!

This year has meant I have had a lot more free time which I spent photographing the wildlife and nature on my doorstep! I cannot wait for 2021 and whats to come! 💚

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