Photography hides

A couple of days ago I had the amazing opportunity to visit 3 of Pete Whieldon photography hides – kestrel & woodland birds, water voles and kingfishers!

First I went to the water vole hide, we put some chopped up apple on different stones and pipes and not long after a water vole appeared! It is amazing how close you can get to them!

It was an amazing opportunity to photograph Water Voles in their natural river environment.

Next I visited the kestrel & woodland bird hide. Not long after I arrived a kestrel came swooping in on one of the perches for a mousey meal! It came back regularly throughout the day and put on a great show!

The hide overlooks a reflection pool where you can capture photos of a variety of Woodland Birds.

In the afternoon, I visited the kingfisher hide! After a long wait a kingfisher flew into the perch in front of me and I managed to snap some good shots! In total the kingfisher visited twice, dived caught a fish and flew off again!

It was an amazing opportunity to photograph Kingfishers feeding from natural perches at the side of a pond.

It was an amazing day and I captured shots of different animals and birds I have never photographed before!

I used a Nikon D90 camera and 200-400mm lens for these shots!

Pete Whieldon Photography

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