Bird ringing in my garden!

Today, with a certified ringer training me, I had the amazing opportunity to ring the birds in my garden!

In total we caught 68 – with still many that we didn’t have time to ring! You would be surprised at how many birds come to your garden!

First bird rang

I was very surprised that we caught 28 Blue tits! And I have still spotted ones in the garden that haven’t been rang! I originally thought I would maybe have 15 Blue tits visiting the garden – as I had only seen the most of 8 at one time. But I soon found out that 8 at a feeder could be feeding 40!

We also got 12 Great tits, 2 Coal tits, 2 Nuthatches (both male so there is definitely more!), 2 Marsh tits (both juveniles so again definitely more) and lots more different species!

Coal tit
Marsh tit

The absolute highlight for me was catching 2 Great spotted woodpeckers! One juvenile and one female – I knew we had woodpeckers visiting (one male, female and at least 2 juveniles) but I never thought we would catch one on the first try! It was amazing – they are actually surprisingly small when you hold them, but they have massive talons and their beaks are very strong!


It was an amazing day and I look forward to ringing more in my garden soon!

Blue tit : 28

Great tit : 12

Robin : 7

Chaffinch : 4

Dunnock : 4

Nuthatch : 2

Coal tit : 2

Marsh tit : 2

Blackbird : 2

Great spotted woodpecker : 2

Wren : 1

Blackcap : 1

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