Moth trapping

Today I went to a moth trapping event organised by my local natural history society!

They put out 4 moth traps last night and this morning we were able to identify the different species and see them up close!

Privet Hawk Moth
Poplar Hawk Moth

The highlights for me were the hawk moths! We caught 3 Privet hawk moths and 1 Poplar hawk moth!

Privet Hawk Moths are the UK’s biggest resident Hawk Moth – with a wingspan of 9-12cm (nearly 5 inches!)

There were lots of Common Footmans and a few Buff Ermines, Arches and many more! In total there were 18 different species!

Small magpie
Swallow tailed

It was an amazing morning learning about all of the different moths and identifying them! It has definitely inspired me to make/buy my own moth trap!

Small magpie

One thought on “Moth trapping

  1. Wow what a catch! I’m curious to see what kind of trap you were using, and did you use red wine lures or light to attract them? Let me know as I’m interested in trapping moths as well 😊.


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