Ivel Valley Bird Food

I was sent his amazing bird food/feeder bundle from Ivel Valley Bird Food. It includes: suet pellets, suet rolls, suet balls, suet logs, a suet log feeder, double suet cake feeder, 3 insect suet cakes and a seed mix.


Ivel Valley bird food is a family-run farm based in Bedfordshire. They have been making and packaging bird food products for the last 5 years. They also are one of the biggest growers of onions and shallots in the UK!

Ivel Valley Bird Food make all of their own suet products on the farm. I put some of their suet pellets, rolls, logs and cakes out for the birds in my garden and they were gone in a day! This wonderful bird food company won the Best Wild Bird Food Supplier 2019 at the Enterprise Awards!

One of my favourite of the products I was sent, is the new Suet Log feeder and the Ready Peck 5-A-Day Suet Logs! These suet logs were designed with an Ornithologist to be the best for growth and development in garden birds! Some birds that absolutely loved them were: Great Spotted Woodpeckers (who visited the feeder regularly throughout the day!), Coal tits and Nuthatches! I would definitely recommend this product!


I also love the mini suet pellets! I put them out loose on my woodland bird table as well as in a feeder, and I saw lots of my garden birds enjoying them. They are great for smaller birds and fledglings with tiny beaks, such as Blue tits and Robins, but also loved by some of the bigger-beaked birds like Nuthatches and Great Spotted Woodpeckers!


I have also been testing the Ready Peck Seed Feeder Mix! It is packed with the best seeds for wild birds and also includes the suet pellets! The main reason I love this mix is because it is wheat and waste free! It contains “Five-a-day” ingredients for the birds including suet, oats, nuts and insects! All of my garden birds eat this seed mix, but especially Chaffinches, Coal tits and Nuthatches!


The favourite food of my Great Spotted Woodpecker pair, is the insect and mealworm suet blocks! Between them, and some of the other smaller birds, they ate 2 in just over one day!

Designed to go in the Double feeder, this is the ultimate suet block which is high in energy! Each block is 300g and fits in any block feeder! As well as the woodpeckers, I have seen Blue tits, Nuthatches and Coal tits on these great blocks!

https://www.ivelvalleybirdfood.co.uk/suet-treats/ready-peck-suet-block/ready-peck-5-a-day-suet-blocks-insect-mealworm.html https://www.ivelvalleybirdfood.co.uk/feeders-and-accessories/suet-treat-feeders/double-suet-cake-feeder.html

In the bundle, there was 2 suet rolls. These suet rolls are packed with high quality ingredients for the development of wild birds! They fit in all suet ball, suet roll and mesh feeders! There is 2 types: insect & mealworms and berries! Nuthatches, Great Spotted Woodpeckers and Long-tailed tits all love this suet product!


There were also 6 suet balls! They are full of nutritious and high-quality ingredients that the garden birds will enjoy all year round! They are called the Super Suet Balls because they typically have more high quality suet and healthier ingredients than cheaper suet balls! Long-tailed tits, Robins and Great tits all love these balls!


I would definitely recommend Ivel Valley Bird Food! All of the products are such high quality and the birds enjoy them alot! The suet products are all so colourful which I also love! I will definitely be buying more!

To get some of these amazing foods/feeders, click this link! https://www.ivelvalleybirdfood.co.uk/

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