My daily quarantine walk!

Yesterday, I set out on my daily walk (with my camera and macro lens in hand) to find as much nature as I could find! I used the app iNaturalist to identify anything I didn’t know!

I found lots of deer and muntjac tracks. I often see deers in the field I was in – especially in the morning! Where it has been so wet over the past couple of weeks then dried so quickly – there are lots of perfect tracks around!

Fallow Deer track

I found lots of wildflowers! Some of my favourites were: Red campion, Bird’s eye speedwell and Greater stitchwort!

Head over to my Instagram for a wildflower quiz on my story! (Or in my highlights!)

Red campion

I also stumbled over some fallen bird eggs! After researching them, I think they are pheasant and wood pigeon eggs!

I also found some mini beasts! Lots of blue mint beetles, a bee fly, a snail, a red mason bee and a hover fly!


I took lots of photos using my Nikon D90 camera and Sigma 105mm macro lens! Here are some of the best!

If you find a bird egg and want to identify it, this is a good website to have a look at!

Download this app to help identify any kind in nature!

To identify animal tracks, use this website by the Wildlife Trusts!

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