Homemade garden bird suet recipe

I make a lot of homemade suet which is perfect for the birds, especially in the winter! It is not as good in the summer as it melts very easily but I am still looking and experimenting with a non-melt recipe!

So to make my homemade garden bird suet you will need a hob or microwave, spatula or wooden spoon, string or twine and a mould! The ingredients are: one block of lard or suet, 2 table spoons of peanut butter (not necessary but gives extra taste!) and 2 handfuls of bird food (peanuts, suet pellets, seeds, grains and fruit – use whatever you have! You don’t need them all!)

Follow this method:

Melt the lard or suet and peanut butter (if using) together – can be done in a non-stick pan or over boiling water in a bowl on a hob or in the microwave. Whatever is easier!

Once fully melted add in the bird food and mix! Pour into whatever mould you have! Leave in the fridge for around 2 hours or until solid.

Once set, take out of the mould and make a hole to hang up! If your mould has a hole in the middle, hang from there using string or twine!

Every suet I make looks different! I love experimenting with new designs,!foods and moulds!

This suet gives the birds a perfect high calorie meal which benefits them a lot in winter!

I have seen lots of tits, robins and great spotted woodpeckers on my suet!

Blue tit

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