My garden bird setup

I absolutely love watching and photographing the birds in my garden! to attract them I put a range of feeders and nest boxes up around my garden!

To attract different birds, I provide a range of bird food. Seed mix for tit species, Dunnocks and finches. Fat balls for Robins, sparrows and starlings. Nyger seed for Goldfinches and Greenfinches. And peanuts for Woodpeckers, Nuthatches and Jays.

I often make some homemade suet, using lard, peanut butter and seed, which I hang up in the trees around my garden. I also have a peanut butter feeder with special mealworm peanut butter by CJ wildlife!

I try to clean the feeders, birdbath and drinker once a fortnight to stop the spread of disease and illness. I use a disinfectant by Inspired.

I have also put different nest boxes. We have had Spotted Flycatchers nesting in the Swallow box and Blue tits nesting in 2 of the standard boxes. As you can see they are all fairly well used and old!

Blue tits in the nest box
Wren nest pouch
Swallow nest box

In the garden we also have a bird bath and a poppy drinker which I refill daily.

I get lots of species of garden bird, here are some pictures of them all!

Blue tit on my homemade suet
Song thrush

Peanut butter feeder.

Inspired bird cleanser and disinfectant.

Pest off bird feeders.

Wren nest pouch.

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