For my volunteering section of the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award, I wanted to do something to do with nature or wildlife! I was told about Plantlife by a friend, I looked into the charity further and knew it was definitely something I wanted to get involved with. Conserving wild plants and learning more about the UK’s wildflowers.

I have always had an interest in journalism and writing. So I emailed in asking if there was anyway I could get involved by volunteering to do journalism and photography.

I was lucky enough to get a reply from the Plantlife Magazine Editor saying I could go in and help her with the magazine! Until lockdown I had been going in for an hour a week working with the Editor on my very own features!

I first wrote a small letter about the Stewardship Scheme on farms along with one of my bumblebee photos which was featured in the recent issue! I am now working on two big features, designing the pages, adding my own photos and getting them ready for the upcoming issues in winter and next spring!

I have learnt so much from volunteering at Plantlife, from discovering the importance of wild plants to gaining an appreciation for the beauty of plants like lichen, moss and ferns, things I’d previously overlooked.

I am also learning more about journalism and the possible careers out there!

I am so thankful for the opportunity they have given me and am very much looking forward to going back to the Plantlife offices once lockdown is lifted!

From my time at Plantlife I have discovered my love for wild plants – especially lichen and wildflowers! I bought myself a macro lens to photograph these amazing plants!

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