What’s in my camera bag?

I bought my camera case from Amazon for £40. In the front pocket I keep all of my books, cleaning kit and chargers and in the back pocket my laptop. In the middle I keep all of my camera equipment. Such as: my three lenses, lens hoods, lens ball and batteries. On the side I have also attached my tripod.

I also have 2 lens cases. One for the 80-400mm Nikon lens and one for the Sigma 105mm macro lens. I use these cases if I don’t need to bring all of the other equipment!

I have a Nikon D90 camera and three lenses: a Nikon 80-400mm, Tamron 70-300mm and Sigma 105mm macro lens. I use the large Nikon lens for all of my bird photography, the Tamron lens for animal photography and the Sigma for my macro (flowers, insects, bees and butterflies) photography.

The three lenses
Nikon D90 camera

In the front pocket I keep all of my nature books, cleaning kit and chargers.

I have 4 books that I carry round with me! One for birds, butterflies, garden wildlife and wild flowers. I particularly love the Garden Birds and other wildlife book – I have read it from front to cover and have learnt so much from it!

My nature books

To clean my camera and lenses I use a kit by Camkix. It includes: an air blower, lens cleaning tissues, micro fibre cleaning cloths, cleaning solution, double sided lens cleaning pen and a lens brush. I try to clean my camera as often as possible to keep it in a good condition! I also keep my Nikon Battery charger in there too.

Cleaning kit by Camkix

In the back pocket I keep my laptop, charger and hard drive. I upload all of my photos onto my laptop and edit them on there too. For safety, I also upload them onto a hard drive.

My DELL laptop, charger and Maxone hard drive

In my camera case I also have a waterproof cover, spare camera strap, notebook, pen and lens filter.

I am a RSPB pin badge volunteer so have lots of pin badges which I pin onto the front of my camera case!

My pin badge collection

So this is what’s in my camera bag! I would definitely recommend all of the kit, especially the Sigma macro lens, camera bag and Garden Birds book. Some more equipment I would like to buy in the future would be a flash and diffuser as well as a camouflage camera cover! I hope you all like this blog about my camera bag and feel free to ask any questions!

My camera equipment: lenses, camera, hoods, batteries and lens caps!

Here are some links to some of the equipment if you would like to purchase it yourself!

https://camkix.com/products/camkix-camera-cleaning-kit https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1908581689/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_6KhLEb71SJY95


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